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Octavia was the pack omega, she has been abused and beaten by the pack. Octavia's mate Dylan rejected her and took her best friend Samantha as his mate, he also made her luna and got her pregnant. Octavia left the pack and went rogue when she couldn't take it any more.Silver, Alpha of Blood Lake pack, he is powerful and has the biggest pack. He has always been looking for his mate, he has always wanted to feel the bond and love from a mate. He came across Octavia as a rogue and found out that she is his mate. He accepted her even with how she didn't have a wolf.Silver love Octavia with all of his heart and is ready to do anything for herBut there are always enemies lurking in the shadow ready to take down the powerful Alpha.But Octavia just had to be the prophecy everyone had long forgotten.But is it every one?

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  • Descendants Of Moon GoddessEpilogueFive Years LaterBellona Pov“Hayden!” I yelled, running around the house. I heard soft footsteps running around the dinning.“We do not have time for this. The ball is in a few hours!” I yelled, running around the dinning. I saw Hunter running to the hallway, but before he could move, I froze him. Then I turned around, and I saw Hayden and I also froze him. I breathed out in relief, walking to Hayden and Silver came inside with Dean. “They are not dressed yet?” he asked, shocked. He and Dean left us like 2 hours ago to make sure things were okay in the ballroom. He thought when he came back they would be dressed, but those two are the most energetic pups ever. Archie was not even that troublesome, but these two always make sure to keep me on my toes.“They have been running around since,” I said, carrying Hayden.“I don’t want to celebrate my birthday,” he whined.“Well, you have to. That is why you are a prince,” I said.“No birthdays,” he said, trying to sneak out of my arms.“Hayd
  • Descendants Of Moon GoddessChapter 48Third Person PovThe breeze blows gently against the high walls of the werewolf kingdom, the soft rain beating down the earth gently. It was a full moon tonight and everyone was in their homes, cuddled up with their mates and families. The night has been a long night for the people staying close to the palace as their queen has gone into labor since early morning. Everyone is worried and anxious as the queen cries of labor bounced off the palace walls. Werewolves’ births don’t usually take this long, but she has been in labor for more than 12 hours and, as each hour goes by, her screams are becoming more painful and filled with agony. Asher, Lillian and the pups are outside of the ward, and they are all pacing nervously. She has been in labor since and none of the child has come out, when the pain became unbearable for her Misha appeared. It’s like she just knew her struggles and she has been here since, helping her with the childbirth.“Why is it taking so long?” Bellona breathes
  • Descendants Of Moon GoddessChapter 47Third Person PovIt’s been a few hours since the war happened in the vampire kingdom and they are yet to be back. The time should be around 6 in the morning. Silver and the pups had freshened up, and Lillian cooked for them. They are waiting for Octavia to come back but Silver is itching to tell her about Asher but he can’t because she has to see him herself. She asked of Zira but he told her she was with Axel. He wondered what her reaction would be to Asher, but Silver knew it wouldn’t be good. “Why are you acting weird?” Lillian asked for the 100th time, looking at Silver puzzled. She noticed her brother has been pacing away quite a lot and also stealing glances at her.“I am not,” he replied. “Why are you looking at me weird, then? Is Zira okay?” she asked, looking at him. Silver shook his head, and Lillian cursed herself. She should have just followed them to the war, but Octavia didn’t allow her. She didn’t even allow her near the conference room when they were discussing the w
  • Descendants Of Moon GoddessChapter 46Trigger Warning almost at the end of the chapter!Third Person Pov“Missed me?” he asked, the familiar smirk still on his face. Bellona could not believe her eyes, no she refused to believe what she was seeing. I must be dreaming, she thought, pinching herself hard, hard enough to sting her to the bone, but she was not waking up from the dream. She closed her eyes, hoping they were not playing tricks on her, but when she opened it, he was still standing in front of her.“Asher,” she whispered, her voice filled with shock. The last time she saw him was in the cell and the next thing she heard of him was he was dead. Was he alive all this while? But she noticed another thing. He has changed, his hair is darker and longer. His ears are longer and sharp, he is taller and muscular. What shocked her was the giant black wings behind him. Instead of hands, he had claws and two long and fat horns sitting by the two angles of his head. His aura is also dark, like death, and when she smelled him,
  • Descendants Of Moon GoddessChapter 45Bellona PovIt has been 6 days since the death of Daniel. After Lillian was done with him, the warriors burnt his body and I think everyone respects Lillian better now. Well, that is the thing about us. To earn respect, you have to prove it and Lillian has proven herself of that respect. I did not tell Silver about his last words because I feel it’s irrelevant. He is already dead, so it’s better everyone move on from the betrayal and I think we all did because nobody is talking about him again. I stand in front of the mirror, looking at myself. The time is 4 ‘0 clock in the evening and we are about to move because we plan on attacking them in the night. Am I happy about this attack? Yes, I am. And why am I happy? Because in a few hours time I am going to kill a certain king and I don’t care how it will affect our kingdoms, he bit more than he can chew so he should expect the consequences.“We are waiting for you,” Silver voice cut me out of my thoughts. “Can you help me with this am
  • Descendants Of Moon GoddessChapter 44Bellona Pov“Yes, Daniel is a spy working for Malcom,” she said. My mouth hung opened in shock. Daniel? A spy? That can’t be possible.“Misha, are you sure? Daniel has been working for me for a long time,” I said. “He is working for you and also not working for you. He is part of the men that were working for Marcus. His loyalty lies with him,” she said. I tried to think of one time Daniel’s behavior was suspicious, but I can’t even think of one. He always seems like the protective big brother, but he has been betraying me all this while? My mouth opened and closed and no words came out. But I wanted to know something.“He also knew about the kidnapping?” I asked, feeling betrayed.“Yes, part of the people who suggested it,” she said, and my heart broke into pieces. This is the ultimate betrayal. I cared for him and treated him like a brother. I gave him whatever he asked of me, as long as he asked, but how could he betray me like this and he did it so well I didn’t even suspect him
  • Descendants Of Moon GoddessChapter 43Bellona PovWe entered her hut and took our seats in her special room. She sat in front of us and looked at Silver.“Glad to finally meet you,” she said, bowing a little. We both look at her. She doesn’t know him before. She must have just heard of him. “Glad to meet you too,” Silver said politely. She smiled.“Do you want to see your pups?” she asked. “Yes, we will love to,” I said. “Okay, face the mirror, ‘’ she said. I faced the blank mirror, and she flicked her arm and they appeared in the mirror. I smiled as I looked at the three of them. They are sitting on the bed, playing. They are surrounded by so many toys and they look healthy. I breathe out, relieved. They are perfectly okay and I can’t even see any injury to them.“Told you that picture was fake. They don’t even look like someone kidnapped them. They look so relaxed,” I said, smiling happily.“Your pups have been raining hell on them, especially Archie,” Misha said, and my smile widened. I expected nothing less from the
  • Descendants Of Moon GoddessChapter 42Bellona PovIt has been three days since I got back and not much has changed but today, however; I am on a mission to find Misha. The seal is enchanted, so if she can help me get the location, that would be awesome. Then I will get my pups and also rain hell on Orion. That plan sounds simple, but I know it’s not. I just hope Misha won’t start with her ridiculous game. I am a pregnant woman, so I hope that will stop her.“You ready?” Silver voice cut me out of my thoughts. I adjusted my gown, would have preferred to wear trousers, but I am bloated so nope.“Yes,” I said, walking out of the closet.“So, will your witch friend find the seal?” he asked. “Yes,” I replied.“How long have you known her for?” he asked, taking something off the wall.“Thousands of years? What is that?” I asked, looking at the iron log he pulled from the wall.“It’s a sword,” he said, bringing it out of the iron case. I looked at the sword, it looks lightweight and small, but the blades are looking incredibly
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